How to Write About Dreams in Fiction

Dreams have always fascinated me. The way they alter how you feel about something or someone. The way it’s sometimes difficult to remind yourself that the nightmare from which you just woke was in fact not real. They are powerful and mysterious. Perhaps as an added point of intrigue, some people never remember a single […]

Creating Better Villains

The villain of a story can be every bit as important as the hero. Many times, however, the antagonist becomes a stereotype of evil whose only role in the story is to put obstacles in the way of the protagonist. But is there a better way? Yes. While the demands on an antagonist may differ depending […]


In this installment of “Words to Write By,” I’ll review use vs. utilized, bear vs. bare, shuttered vs. shuddered, and breath vs. breathe. This series is a quick reference to help explain the difference between commonly misused words. I’ve received suggestions from other writers and readers on words they’ve seen misused in earlier parts of this […]

Guest Story: Campaign Trail


by Margaret Shaw Tom Walsh parked the Corvette in the empty lot and sat for a moment, his ruddy hands firmly on the steering wheel. He slanted his eyes left out the window, seeing and not seeing the green meadowland and the highway beyond. His mind was thankfully blank, between things. Most of the time […]