On Writing

Author: The Chameleon Profession

One of my favorite things about writing is that it allows me to dabble in any profession I choose. Even as a journalist, I had the opportunity to peek into the world of other people whether they were doctors, teachers, quilters. It didn’t matter because every day I spoke with new people and had the opportunity […]


I enjoy the English language and all the little quirks that come with it. One such quirk can be found in contronyms, or words that are their own opposites, with two definitions that contradict each other. Contronyms are also called antagonyms, autoantonyms, and Janus words. I’ve compiled a list of contronyms that I hope you’ll enjoy […]

Main and Minor Characters

There is a spectrum of characters in every story that range from main to minor characters. I read a prompt in “The Daily Writer” by Fred White that described characters as being either flat or round. A flat character can be described in a single sentence, or maybe it takes a few lines, but the […]


In this installation of “Words to Write By,” I’ll review fiancé vs. fiancée, insure vs. ensure, alright vs. all right, and simultaneous vs. contemporaneous. This series is a quick reference to help explain the difference between commonly misused words. I’ve received suggestions from other writers and readers on words they’ve seen misused in earlier parts of […]

I stumbled upon a NaNoWriMo contest for people who write horror, dark fantasy, gothic, black comedy, paranormal, or other types of dark fiction at Gallows Hill. The grand prize for the competition includes: $1,500 Editorial package including developmental and line editing Publishing consultation Certificate of Awesomeness Free print issue of Gallows Hill Write up in February issue […]