Out Now — Novelette “Alger’s Dimension”

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It’s been a long time coming, but my sci-fi/horror novelette “Alger’s Dimension” is now out in the Disturbed Digest #19 December 2017 issue. I received the acceptance for this piece at the beginning of the year, and I’ve been patiently waiting for December ever since.

If you’re interested in the journey of this story, I reflected on it in a post back in February where I discussed when I wrote the piece, the numerous edits it went through, and even the number of times I submitted the piece before finding a home for it.

For those wondering what this story is about, here’s a little hint:

After years of not speaking, Declan receives a mysterious note from his one-time professor, mentor, and colleague, Dr. Kazmarack, just before receiving news of the man’s disappearance. Spurred by why the professor wanted to meet with him, Declan goes in search of the man while being haunted by the memory of their last argument about alternate dimensions. When Declan left Dr. Kazmarack’s office for the last time all those years ago, he was certain the man was a raving lunatic suffering from dementia, but now, as he searches for Dr. Kazmarack while trying to find answers in the professor’s research notes, he begins to wonder if the professor hadn’t been right after all, and what kind of horrors the man may have unleashed.


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    Whooooo! Congrats Mandie! And your story sounds really awesome! 🙂

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        You’re welcome. 🙂

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      Thanks! 😃 I just saw the cover of the literary magazine for the first time last week, and my name is on the cover. I wasn’t expecting that, so I’ve been a little giddy about it.

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