Creative Writing

For the Love of Writing

I often write about how to get through different writing obstacles by sharing my own struggles. I give writing tips, because I love helping other people, and one of the best ways to learn and remember something, is by teaching it to someone else. As an unintentional downside to sharing my problems, I don’t always […]

Challenge of Writing Happy Poems


I’ve recently found myself in a few conversations about happiness and poetry. More specifically about whether I plan to write poetry about happier things. Coincidentally, just before that, I’d been thinking about why I write poetry. It all began with the thought about how I wrote a blog post about claiming titles. Calling yourself an […]

Poem: Inkwell


Lines trail out my veins, along my skin and down my arms, razor-sharp across my wrists pooling, spooling in my hands. I pluck the line, wrap it gently into words, swooping them across the page exposing on paper what my lips wouldn’t dare whisper to my own heart. Blood-soaked thread looped to form expressions of […]