Poem: Fragmented Sorrow


There are times when I view your passing in a new way. A way that reminds me how much I’ve lost. A new way to mourn. A new experience I didn’t know I’d have, so I couldn’t fathom the loss of not being able to share it with you. Like when I was married and […]

Guest Post: Little Red Wagon of Excuses

Without meaning to, Christy wrote the perfect post to go with the conversations we’ve had on fear, doubt, and wasted time. When she shared the piece with our writing group earlier this week, it resonated so strongly with me and I knew other writers would enjoy the message too. Thankfully, she has allowed me to […]

Finishing Your Novel -- Book Recommendation


  I recently read “Finish the Damn Book!: An Inspirational Guide to Writing” by Martin McConnell, and his inspiring words came at a time when I needed to hear them the most. I’ve been taking on a lot of writing-related projects this summer. They’ve made me stretch beyond my comfort level, and helped me grow […]


Welcome to the second part of “Words to Write By.” You can find the first installment of this series here. In the first “Words to Write By,” I reviewed peak vs. peek vs. pique, further vs. farther, blonde vs. blond, and gray vs. grey. Since then, I’ve been making a list of commonly misused words. […]