Maybe tomorrow we can talk about the stars, and how they slipped from my fingers when I traced my hand across the sky. We’ll measure the distance between Jupitar and Mars, determining how far it is between my heart and yours. We’ll fill a cup with the nebulous reasons the stars are falling from the […]

Writing Communities

Writing can be a solitary undertaking, and for years I have enjoyed that aspect. I am, after all, an introvert, so I don’t mind the quiet time to myself. And I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of a local writing group for nearly four years, so that’s provided a good amount of feedback and […]

Confessions of a Writer

Whether I’d admit it or not, it takes a certain amount of confidence to be a writer. Whether that confidence is in the form of believing in your ability to write, the story you have inside, the ease with which you write, or the desire to write there’s something for every writer that pushes them […]

Poem: Inkwell


Lines trail out my veins, along my skin and down my arms, razor-sharp across my wrists pooling, spooling in my hands. I pluck the line, wrap it gently into words, swooping them across the page exposing on paper what my lips wouldn’t dare whisper to my own heart. Blood-soaked thread looped to form expressions of […]