Chapter Map

I am a visual person. In the way I learn, work through problems, consume books, and comprehend things. I enjoy the audio part of experiences, but the visual is more important for me. So recently I started contemplating how to tackle the problem with editing my novel. First I’ll explain how I wrote my novel, […]

Manuscript Formatting


Whether submitting to literary magazines, agents, or publishers, one of the most important things to address before submitting is the formatting. The first rule for manuscript formatting is that you need to read the guidelines for the place you’ll be submitting your piece. These guidelines will supersede any other formatting guidelines that I, or anyone […]

Character Names and Nicknames


A common error in writing revolves around the use of a character’s name and their nicknames in a story. Luckily this is a simple problem to track down and fix, and once you know what the problem is, it’s quite easy to avoid in future pieces. The Problem:¬†As characters are developed in a story, it […]

Weighted Detail


As a writer, you may or may not consider the amount of weight you give the details in your stories. But if it’s not something you’re currently paying attention to, I’m going to explain why you need to, and how to avoid giving weight to a detail or object in your story that shouldn’t have […]

Editing Your Novel - Book Recommendation


Getting your work published can be a tricky and daunting experience. One of the most important elements to getting published is to submit a clean manuscript with as few errors as possible. As an amateur writer; however, there are more rules to breaking into the published world than there are for established writers. Knowing what […]