Poem: Inkwell


Lines trail out my veins, along my skin and down my arms, razor-sharp across my wrists pooling, spooling in my hands. I pluck the line, wrap it gently into words, swooping them across the page exposing on paper what my lips wouldn’t dare whisper to my own heart. Blood-soaked thread looped to form expressions of […]

Poem: The Things I Regret Forgetting


I recorded “The Things I Regret Forgetting” just a month after starting this website with the intent of sharing it here. On a whim, before posting it, I submitted it to a literary magazine, and they accepted it. It appeared in The Scarlet Leaf Review last December. I recently read this piece during the Open Mic at the Wyoming […]


Wooden planks riddled the beach protruding like tombstones.   A hastily made fire signal stood ready, a sentinel on the hill, stretching out into the blue expanse.   I watch a ship sail into view so close I think I could whisper and be heard, but I drop the torch in the sand leaving my […]

Lessons from Writing Poetry

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In writing, I’m constantly trying to learn new things, experiment, and push myself past limits that fear places on me. Thus enters my journey of writing flash fiction, which morphed into writing poetry. Poetry, particularly spoken word, has always inspired me. It moves me, and ignites the desire to write. But as an art form, […]

Gift to my Readers


As a gift to my readers and followers, I have a poem for you. I hope you find peace this holiday season. Peace may not come in the form of a world without conflict. Sometimes, it is a place of shelter while the storm rages around us. Melting Winter’s Heart   Perfectly-formed icicles lace the […]