Out Now — Short Story “Be Here with Me”

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This title may look familiar. “Be Here with Me” first appeared in Down in the Dirt Magazine V146. It was then selected for an anthology in August called Random Thoughts. And now, Scars Publication has selected my short story “Be Here with Me” for their anthology On a Rainy Day.

It was wonderful to find a home for this piece and to have it included in these additional anthologies has been a real treat.

“Be Here with Me,” is about a man who visits his grandmother hoping to unburden his heavy heart. In face of his grandmother’s Alzheimer’s, he struggles to connect with her and find the comfort he so desperately seeks.


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    Ahh! This is so awesome, Mandie! Congrats! I remember this story. I had loved it on first read.

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        You’re utmost welcome! ❤

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