This Poem


This poem is a journey,
an unveiling.
An unraveling.

The corners do not tuck in
neatly at the sides.
They come loose
and fray.

The lines cut corners;
fall out of place.
The letters are crooked
and unshined.

This poem is
broken and damaged,
but it’s filled with
promise and hope.

And if you don’t
mind a little character,
a little unexpected beauty,
a little bit of me
wrapped in the words,
then this poem is for you.


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    Love this… the way that the poem speaks for itself “this poem…” is one of my favorite ways to start a poem actually… sometimes I write it this way and than remove the part that it sprung from… but it gets your thinking around the important stuff like why? and how?..

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      Thank you, Björn. I liked the lightness of the piece created by speaking about the poem while having an underlying current of something more than just a poem.
      That’s a good idea to start a poem in this same manner and then removing the front. I’ll have to give that a try sometime.

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    I love it, Mandie! I read it twice and it definitely was for me. Every word just fit so well and blend right in despite the fact that ‘The corners do not tuck in’

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        You’re utmost welcome. 🙂

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