Six Word Flash Fiction


You’ve seen my flash fiction before, and now here it is again, but in just six words.

Passionate dreams, scattered with her ashes.



Try out this challenge. Give me your best fiction in six words (or thereabouts) in the comments.


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    Good job. This is a tough challenge. I’m usually too wordy, but I’ll give it a shot. Here goes:

    Until today, her kiss didn’t exist.

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      I’m glad you tried out the six word flash fiction. It was actually this brief word count that first turned me on to flash fiction. I love all the meaning that can be hidden in so few words. And I feel like I contemplate the meaning of these smaller pieces of fiction more than I do longer pieces, because in their brevity you already know there’s more than just the plain language of the text.

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    A good 6-word is a jewel. There are a couple of guys on WordPress who really have a knack at it. One is um…Finnegandaley? I may have that wrong. And I follow the other guy, too, but I’ve forgotten his name. Just really, really excellent stuff. I’ve been collecting mine in a file. If I write a good one, it’s extremely rare.

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      It is such a tricky thing to get right. I’ll have to see if I can find this Finn character you mentioned. The plus side is that if the six-word fiction isn’t very good, you’re not out much time. And what I really enjoy about them is all the things they hint at but do not say.

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    She treasured her lost, broken memories.

    This was hard to write. Good challenge!

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      Thanks for doing this challenge. They are so tricky, but a lot of fun.
      I always think the best ones get you to ponder about them, for longer than it took you to read them. It’s an interesting challenge into the power of words.
      I enjoyed your six-word fiction too. It made me wonder about her memories, and want to know more about her.

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      This is a good one. Effectively shows the genre with just one word, “detective.”

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      Nice. Although it’s difficult to tell in a six word piece like this, short sentences are a great way to quicken the pace of a story. When combined with longer sentences, it can really drive a point home. It’s fun to see these short sentences in your six word flash fiction.

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      Thank you. It’s a fun exercise. You have to think about your word choice, and I think the trick is trying to hint at something bigger than what just six words can portray.

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    I agree. That’s like what they call: Hint Fiction. The stories I write they are calling , Micro fiction or Post card fiction. I have written several in the last couple of months. I don’t know if I will post them or not yet.

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