Out Today — Three Poems


I feel fortunate to announce the publication of three of my poems today. They are available for reading at Scarlet Leaf Review.

“The Things I Regret Forgetting,” is a poem I wrote recently about the loss of my grandfather. It was the driving force for submitting these poems for publication, and it’s led me on a journey to write more poetry. This poem proved difficult for a number of reasons. It is an incredibly painful subject for me to talk about, let alone write about, and it’s outside the realm of fiction.

“Aspirations” is a poem I wrote eighteen years ago when I was studying biology/pre-med. Even then, I knew I was on the wrong path. And “Silence Runs Dry,” which first appeared on this website is included in the publication.

I hope you enjoy these poems. To me, they signify overcoming challenges I didn’t know I was strong enough to face, and being vulnerable in my writing in a way that I previously tackled only in a veiled kind of way.

Next Thursday, I have a poem that’s a gift to my readers and followers for supporting me as I begin this journey of having my work published. Your support inspires me to keep moving forward, and I hope in turn I inspire you to pursue what you’re passionate about.

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