Sneak Peek: Short Story “Be Here with Me”

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This will never get old. I’m happy to announce the acceptance of my short psychological story, “Be Here with Me” by Down in the Dirt Magazine. It will appear in the June 2017 issue of Down in the Dirt Magazine V146.

You don’t have to wait until next year to see it though, it is available on their website today.

To view it online, go to In the left frame scroll down and click on my name. At the top of the left frame, select Be Here with Me, which will then open the story in the right frame.

“Be Here with Me,” is about a man who visits his grandmother hoping to unburden his heavy heart. In face of his grandmother’s Alzheimer’s, he struggles to connect with her and find the comfort he so desperately seeks.

A side note, I volunteered at a retirement home when I was younger. My first year, just 13 years old, I was allowed to volunteer in the Alzheimer’s unit. I have very fond memories of the residents who I visited. I spent hours nearly every day volunteering that summer, and the next summer I spent even longer at the retirement home. I’m grateful for the experience because it shaped me. People have the most interesting stories to tell, if you’ll only take a moment to listen.


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    I read it and I loved it. The ending had me cracking up.

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      Haha Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed it, and I appreciate you taking the time to read it!

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        You’re most welcome. It was well written and I found myself drawn to Esther’s story about the doll. And poor George. You’ve captured the atmosphere and emotions very well.

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