Writing Groups

One of the best decisions I’ve made about my writing career that’s helped in countless ways, is joining a writing group. In fact, I’m certain I wouldn’t have anything published yet, if I were on this journey alone. I lucked into my writing group three years ago during a local writing conference. For a long […]

Gift to my Readers


As a gift to my readers and followers, I have a poem for you. I hope you find peace this holiday season. Peace may not come in the form of a world without conflict. Sometimes, it is a place of shelter while the storm rages around us. Melting Winter’s Heart   Perfectly-formed icicles lace the […]

Out Today -- Three Poems


I feel fortunate to announce the publication of three of my poems today. They are available for reading at Scarlet Leaf Review. “The Things I Regret Forgetting,” is a poem I wrote recently about the loss of my grandfather. It was the driving force for submitting these poems for publication, and it’s led me on […]


I’m excited about today’s topic, because identifying my fears about writing has helped me make the biggest breakthrough in starting my career as an author. I hope by sharing my own experiences, you’ll be able to identify your own fears, the things that are holding you back, so you can start working through them too. […]