Why Writers Write

Last week’s post on the Dangers of Comparing Yourself to Other Writers made me ponder more on why writers write. I came up with a few reasons people are drawn to write in that post, and I’ve added a few: ·         passion – the inner drive that longs for putting words into print ·         to […]

Danger of Comparing Yourself to Other Writers

In the writing community, I see the insecurities of writers abound. The great thing is, we’re not alone in our struggles. But I want to talk about the most dangerous pitfall writers can fall into, and that’s comparing yourself to other writers. For some of us, writing is a passion, a fiery desire to create […]

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A flash fiction piece to start your day. Enjoy! From the mountaintop, Sven shook the last of the ashes from the urn. He stood with a mouthful of regret. Regret that his mouth was open when a perfectly-timed squall came up the side of the mountain.

Lessons from Writing Poetry

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In writing, I’m constantly trying to learn new things, experiment, and push myself past limits that fear places on me. Thus enters my journey of writing flash fiction, which morphed into writing poetry. Poetry, particularly spoken word, has always inspired me. It moves me, and ignites the desire to write. But as an art form, […]