Cover Letters for Literary Magazines

Cover letters are the first impression a writer makes on an editor at a literary magazine. I’m going to tell you how to write one, so you don’t ruin your chances of getting published before the editor has a chance to read your work. A cover letter to a literary magazine┬ámay be the simplest thing […]

Traveling and Inspiration

I recently returned from a trip to North Carolina, and every time I get the opportunity to travel outside of my home state I feel so inspired. Let me start by explaining that I live in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains, which is a cute way of saying that we get a lot of […]


Wooden planks riddled the beach protruding like tombstones.   A hastily made fire signal stood ready, a sentinel on the hill, stretching out into the blue expanse.   I watch a ship sail into view so close I think I could whisper and be heard, but I drop the torch in the sand leaving my […]

Manuscript Formatting


Whether submitting to literary magazines, agents, or publishers, one of the most important things to address before submitting is the formatting. The first rule for manuscript formatting is that you need to read the guidelines for the place you’ll be submitting your piece. These guidelines will supersede any other formatting guidelines that I, or anyone […]

Inspiration from Dostoyevsky

I find writing inspiration all around me. One thing that inspires me is when an author does something interesting or unexpected. One such author is Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Now don’t fall asleep on me yet. I’m quite aware that not everyone shares the love for Dostoyevsky that I do. Mostly people who were forced to read […]