This flash fiction piece first appeared in 50-Word Stories. Cool grasses cradle my back. Fireflies flicker. I inhale the sweet, damp air; at peace for the first time in five years, three months, and nineteen days. I could lay here beneath the black sky for eternity. Instead, I rise and kiss my husband’s tombstone before […]

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It’s been a long time coming, but my sci-fi/horror novelette “Alger’s Dimension” is now out in the Disturbed Digest #19 December 2017 issue. I received the acceptance for this piece at the beginning of the year, and I’ve been patiently waiting for December ever since. If you’re interested in the journey of this story, I reflected […]

The bones of the bridge tremble beneath the weight that I carry with me. I strain and pull it trying to reach the other side before the setting sun lowers beneath the horizon, but it snags and catches on every rough patch. Exhausted I pause in the middle to peek over the side into the […]

Challenge of Writing Happy Poems


I’ve recently found myself in a few conversations about happiness and poetry. More specifically about whether I plan to write poetry about happier things. Coincidentally, just before that, I’d been thinking about why I write poetry. It all began with the thought about how I wrote a blog post about claiming titles. Calling yourself an […]