Mandie Hines

For the Love of Writing

I often write about how to get through different writing obstacles by sharing my own struggles. I give writing tips, because I love helping other people, and one of the best ways to learn and remember something, is by teaching it to someone else. As an unintentional downside to sharing my problems, I don’t always […]

Worry About It Later


I have this special gift. If there’s an obstacle to writing, I will find it, give it a name, and then trip on it and fall on my face. It comes naturally, I don’t have to work at it. The obstacle that gave me the most trouble this summer is something I’m now calling editing […]

When to Share Your Manuscript

I tend to get excited about my stories while I’m writing them. I fall in love with the idea and the characters and I want to share that excitement with other people even as I’m working on the story. But when should you share your manuscript with loved ones, friends, or your writing group? There […]

Challenge of Writing Happy Poems


I’ve recently found myself in a few conversations about happiness and poetry. More specifically about whether I plan to write poetry about happier things. Coincidentally, just before that, I’d been thinking about why I write poetry. It all began with the thought about how I wrote a blog post about claiming titles. Calling yourself an […]