To start, let me assure you that if you find your way to this blog, you will never have to justify your writing to me. In other words, you don’t need a certain set of qualifications for me to take you seriously as a writer or to participate in the conversations here. If you are a well-published author who enjoys reading about another writer’s struggles, or you enjoy learning about helpful writing tools, or you happen to enjoy the pieces of writing I sometimes share, welcome. If you’re someone who thinks about dabbling in writing, but you haven’t yet built up the courage, welcome. There’s a home for everyone here, even those who may not be interested in writing, but enjoy the community and writing you find here. You never have to be concerned about your level of writing, if you enjoy reading my work or enjoy writing I encourage you to join in on the conversations. I respond to all comments, and if you have questions I will do my best to answer. And who knows, it may even become the topic of a future blog post if I think it might help others as well.



Mandie Hines is a Wyoming native where she writes horror and psychological thrillers in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains. She’s driven to create pieces of fiction that capture moments of human vulnerability.

A constant student of the writing craft, she’s always experimenting with her writing. She enjoys reading and listening to the work of other authors. She’s eager to share her writing experience and listen to others describe their passions. Her mission is called Igniting the Flame, wherein she hopes to spark creativity in others through her excitement over her own endeavors with the hope that the fiery passion spreads and people are encouraged to pursue that which gives their life meaning, happiness, and fulfillment.

She has many loves including family, reading, writing, hiking, and yoga. Frequently by her side is an animal which was advertised as a Great Dane, but may in fact be a horse or possibly a Velociraptor. Evidence is mounting in favor of the latter.

Creator and member of Cheyenne Writers Community

Member of the writing group Page Turners

Member of Wyoming Writers, Inc.