Poem: Broken Wings


Poetry: Celebrating National Poetry Month

Broken Wings

Dying of a broken heart.
There’s something romantic
about loving a person so much
that you can’t live anymore
once they’re gone.

But that’s not usually
how the heart works.
The heart fails from clogged
arteries or physical trauma,
but not emotional trauma.

A person doesn’t even know it’s
coming when their physical heart
decides to break, not until the very end.

But the metaphorical heart, we feel every








We feel every single part when
it shatters into a million
p  i  e  c  e  s.

A new one takes its place, but each
broken heart remains. They join in
pairs forming little butterflies, trying
to work together to form a regular heartbeat,
trying to remember what it feels like to be

I have so many butterflies
swarming inside my head that
sometimes it’s all I hear.
It’s all I feel.

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    This is lovely, but especially that whole part about the pieces of heart joining together to form butterflies. Great imagery!

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    This is powerful and lovely at the same time. Now, I can’t stop thinking of the butterflies.

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      I love it when a piece sticks with you, so I’m delighted to hear when one of my pieces has some lasting power. Butterflies are a lovely image to have linger too.

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        They certainly do! Unfortunately, I was not inspired to write anything at all to contribute.

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