Poem: The Curvature of Your Lips


Poetry: Celebrating National Poetry Month.

The Curvature of Your Lips

You wear that smile
like my second skin
and those eyes
burn through me
mesmerizing the
movement of my soul.
Your twilight-tinctured touch
sends chills trailing
across my nerve cells.
My muddled mind
collapses from the tenderness,
enclosed in weeping wonder,
bewildered by the unfolding
of the rhythm of your heartbeat.
Collected dust sparks,
culminates in a backdraft
of lost intentions.
But when I see that smile
hitch at the corners,
being dragged across miles
I settle in and decide to stay a while.

For links to poetry prompts, or if you missed out on what I’m doing for National Poetry Month, check out the first post here.


To end each post, there will be this call to share your own work. Whether it’s something that you write as soon as you finish reading this post, or it’s a poem you’ve posted or had published, place the whole poem in the comments or put a link to it. A brief description before the link will help me process comments faster, so I know they’re not spam.

Also, feel free to share links to poems or spoken word performances by other poets. I hope this month will bring a wide variety of poetry to everyone’s attention. Also, there will be posts on my author Facebook page, a link to which can be found on the right-hand side, that will include spoken word performances and links to work of other poets, which will not appear here.


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    *sighs* So beautiful, Mandie! 💙

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        Most welcome. 💙

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