Guest Poem: At a Loss


Poetry: Celebrating National Poetry Month.

At a Loss

I remember breathing
rhythmically rising
resisting release and then

I remember when I could say your name
without the pain
but there’s a pang now that haunts

Like a tongue twister
to choke then elope
to wed my feeble fears to my throat
And now I spit out your name
like blood let from vein
straining to rid the body of poison

I push it out
to teeter in front of my eyes
and slip ever further out
until it plunges
like an anchor pulling my nerves
to the bottom of the murky depths
to deal with the dismal questions
cascading over morality,
leaving me sunk

In a year I won’t remember your voice
not due to a choice
but rather to mirror a burnt out star
you’re already gone
but just starting to fade from my sight
I see shared memories
and praise be I still can hear your laugh when I close my eyes

Don’t listen to the placating lines that death is for the blessed
death is not a beautiful thing
it is deprivation on a string
perpetually dragging us to end
like twisters at the bottom of the sink

Today there’s grass growing on your grave
company to decay
and you aren’t Jesus
you won’t rise again

I remember the last embrace
more than most can say
but that doesn’t make my lingering love for you be anything more than a ghost
hung next to coats in the back of my closet
waiting for a cold spell to shroud me
cling to my frigid frame

Now loving you is like drawing lazy loops
with fingers over the sunset
with one eye closed
in hopes to translate an escaping embrace

Loving you is like loving an idea
to hope to have history hold me,
to scold me,
to encourage my actions is to pray for action in theory
so be our love like gravity
feeling the force as I’m flung
splayed on the ground
just to know your love

And be it merely a whisper
loosely surrendered from my lips
to confess
I know you’re gone

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