Guest Poem: Itching


Poetry: Celebrating National Poetry Month.


I am well practiced at letting lesser things slip from the tip of my lips.
Call it bullheadedness.
Call it incapable of forgiveness.
But know that when provoked I’ll grasp and grab at words to ensure your reserve is scathed
I’ve finished the fight before conscious consideration of whether this game be played.
Blessed be the victorless plight.
Could I, would I, can I conjure a quarrel?
Be it simply for the spirit of the spat.
A combative mood sparks and catches life on anything that happens to be nearby.

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    This poem brings back memories of when I was young and had to have the last word! Now, I avoid confrontation and simply walk away.

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      Me too, Diana. I can really relate to the “conjuring a quarrel” for the “spirit of the spat.” Luckily, I don’t do that anymore. Like you, I tend to avoid confrontation a bit more now. Not all together, but I no longer seek it either.
      I also really liked the line “I am well practiced at letting lesser things slip from the tip of my lips.” I love the rhythm of the line.
      I get a lot of comments on my posts via text messages, and someone pointed out to me the other day that Nikkita is very direct with her poems. You know exactly what she’s talking about. I have to agree, her poetry is vivid and direct.
      Thanks for commenting.

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        Same! I no longer go looking for it. She is direct, yes, and I love that about her!

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