Poem: Adoration for the Moon


Poetry: Celebrating National Poetry Month.

Adoration for the Moon

I wish I were the moon
so I could be closer to the stars.
And when they winked at me,
I’d know it was because
we were kindred spirits.

I’d radiate light, amassing admiration.
Knowing it wouldn’t come from my own effort.

I’d greet people,
and lull them to sleep.
I’d stay up with the weary
who cannot sleep.
Keep them company.
Reminding them there’s more in the universe
than their dark thoughts.

But I couldn’t hold them,
or cradle them,
stroke their hair and remind them
that it will be all right.

But I could stand guard.
A peaceful reminder that light is just
around the corner.


For links to poetry prompts, or if you missed out on what I’m doing for National Poetry Month, check out the first post here.


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    Soothingly beautiful.

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        Most welcome. 🙂

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