Guest Poem: Temptation


Poetry: Celebrating National Poetry Month


The coyotes yip and sing the starless night alive.
They are out in the unseen field somewhere,
a safe distance from the yard light.
Their leashed cousin pricks his ears,
tugs against the arm of domesticity holding him in safety.
His naiveté quivers all over.
The ecstasy of joining the pack,
rolling amidst furry bodies, harmless teeth bared in playful ear tugs,
running with his tongue lolling from his spread grin.

The dog’s food is in a bag in the cupboard below the kitchen sink.
His full stomach means he can’t hear the coyotes’ malevolent intent.
He can’t remember how hungry his cousins are.

For links to poetry prompts, or if you missed out on what I’m doing for National Poetry Month, check out the first post here.


To end each post, there will be this call to share your own work. Whether it’s something that you write as soon as you finish reading this post, or it’s a poem you’ve posted or had published, place the whole poem in the comments or put a link to it. A brief description before the link will help me process comments faster, so I know they’re not spam.

Also, feel free to share links to poems or spoken word performances by other poets. I hope this month will bring a wide variety of poetry to everyone’s attention. Also, there will be posts on my author Facebook page, a link to which can be found on the right-hand side, that will include spoken word performances and links to work of other poets, which will not appear here.


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      I’m so excited that I get to share these poems by other authors. I have some more by Sheryl that I will be posting this month, and they are all amazing!

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    I love the ending!

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      The thing that I love about Sheryl is that not only is she this amazing writer, but she encourages others to write poetry too. The reason I started writing poetry again is because of her.

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        Such encouragement and motivation. I like that! 😄

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    I will not write every day in April… but I will continue to publish on dVerse and toads… where there are enough poetry… loved the poem, which I also wanted to see as a metaphor… are you really describing the difference between people too.

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      Sheryl Lain is the author of this beautiful piece, and her poems are always multi-layered. I have the privilege of being in a writing group with her where I not only get to be inspired by her, but I get to hear all these wonderful pieces she writes.
      You are a well-disciplined poet, Björn. I think these challenges are created to inspire and motivate people to write more, and since you already have a good habit of writing, I think you’ll be fine if you don’t write a poem a day. I’ve enjoyed getting to write more poetry, but even as I’m at the beginning of National Poetry Month, it’s already reminding me how my other writing is calling for attention.
      Happy writing!

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