Words to Write By: Quiz Edition

Test your knowledge to see if you know how to use these commonly misused words

The Words to Write By series started in July of last year and has had five installments. Today’s quiz gives you the chance to see if you’ve remembered how to use some of the commonly misused words that have been covered in the series so far. Best of luck!

Welcome to your Words to Write By Quiz

That sweater really _______ your eyes.
The rays of sun _____ through the clouds.
The newspaper reported the horse thief was _____.
Will you ____ the book I loaned you when you come to my house later?
The smoke from the forest fire is so thick I can't even _______.
______ afraid of the dark?
I thought Carol would freak when she saw the tear in her wedding dress, but it didn't even _____ her.
Robert couldn't find his ______ ring anywhere.
The stress of my job is proving to be a little more than I can _____.
The _____ ringlets framed the baby's cherub-like face.


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    Yes, I’m a logophile! 😃 Thanks for this quiz, Mandie. What a nice way to refresh what I learned.

    Can I ask what site you used to do this quiz? I’ve been trying to do one for my blog, but apparently I am going about it the wrong way.

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      Thanks, EM!
      I used the WordPress plugin Quiz and Survey Master. It’s highly customizable. It took me a while figuring out how to navigate through all the options, but I’m very happy with how it turned out.

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        You’re most welcome, Mandie. I hope to see more of this fun addition on your blog. 🙂

        I don’t think I have that plugin. I’ll have to upgrade, but thank you for the info. I’ll have to search for another mean.

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    I’m a wordsmith. I’d be ashamed to be anything else. My mother was an English teacher and I had planned on becoming one, as well. Thanks for the quiz. 🙂

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      You’re welcome. I thought it would be a fun addition to the series. I always enjoy taking online quizzes, a guilty pleasure I suppose, and I thought it would be a fun way for people to test themselves.

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    Yay! I got only one wrong! And surprisingly enough it wasn’t the blond vs blonde or hanged vs hung. It was the compliments vs complements one.

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