A Year in Review

I’m cheating a little in this post since 2017 is the first full year that I have been blogging. I started in the fall of 2016, so I’m going to include statistics from the time I started this blog through 2017. Don’t worry, I won’t bother you with numbers of views for each post, but I thought it was interesting to look back at what posts people viewed and commented on the most.

Top 3 Viewed Posts

  • At the top of the list is my post on The (Submission) Grinder, an online database of markets for poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. This one surprised me by how many writers are looking for information on this site, but I’m glad plenty of searches landed people on my page to get a little more information about it.
  • When I first submitted the story “Be Here with Me” I was informed that it could be selected for additional anthologies throughout the year, but I never expected it to actually happen. I was happy with the first acceptance. The second most viewed post came before the story was available in print and was available to read for free online. It’s still available, and in the link to this post, you will find directions on how to get to view the free version. It also lists all three publications the piece is now in.
  • The next post on the list is a tool that I created to help organize and get a quick overview of the main points in each chapter of the novel I’m working on. The Chapter Map has proven to be a useful tool for me, and I hope that it’s helped others as well.

Top 3 Commented on Posts

  • Poem: The Island I love the conversations that come out of posts, but I have to admit to being surprised when they spark from a poem or story I wrote. I remember being nervous about posting this piece too, so it was nice that it was well-received.
  • Flash Fiction: From the Water’s Edge This was a piece that gave me my first acceptance to a literary magazine, and I shared it again in this post.
  • For third, there are two posts that tied. The first is a post I wrote on Writer’s Block. It’s a common topic for writers, and in this post I shared my own experience with it along with a few tips to break through it. In the second post, I wrote about Being a Writer and an Introvert, and it provides a peek at what it’s like for me to be an introvert in a profession that may be better suited for an extrovert.


I’m curious. What type of posts from my blog have you enjoyed reading the most? What would you like to see more of in the coming year? Is there any element or type of information that’s currently missing from my posts that you would like to see in the future? Or, if there was a post that you enjoyed or found helpful, I’d love to hear that too.


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    Congrats, Mandie! I enjoy everyone of your post and I look forward to what you’ll be bringing to us this year.

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        You’re most welcome. I am happy that I follow your blog. It’s an incredible source of wealth for writers even for writers like me who have no intention in pursuing writing full time. Keep writing.

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          You flatter me. And the fact that you captured the very reason I write this blog makes me feel my efforts are worthwhile. Thank you for reading my blog, and for always writing encouraging posts of your own. I am always inspired by how much you post.

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    I have not followed you so long, but I do enjoy the discussions about writing in general and what it can lead to… writing is a joy but also a struggle sometimes, especially when you write to many prompts and try to keep a community going. Keep up the good work

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      You have quite a job keeping up with the poetry prompts, Björn. And it can be difficult keeping a community going, but if the right people are involved, the community will help keep it going because they’re invested in it.
      Thank you for all the times you stop by and add to the conversation!

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    Congrats on all your success, Mandie! As for your blog, I’ve enjoyed all of your posts, so I don’t feel you need to change anything =)

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    Congrats on having your story accepted. The first few published stories I had were in anthologies. That gave me confidence in my writing and spurred me on.

    I enjoy the variety of subjects you cover. I always like to read others perspective on writing and editing–and I like to read their work too. You have a good blog. Keep at it.

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      Thank you, Russell! Always good to have words of encouragement after reviewing a year. I find myself thinking a lot about what I’ve accomplished, which is then followed by a nasty little voice that asks if it’s enough. I contemplate on how to improve things and that spirals into a whole other mess.
      At least I can feel like this last year has gone well, and to keep plugging along.

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