Flash Fiction: Eternity


This flash fiction piece first appeared in 50-Word Stories.

Cool grasses cradle my back. Fireflies flicker. I inhale the sweet, damp air; at peace for the first time in five years, three months, and nineteen days.

I could lay here beneath the black sky for eternity. Instead, I rise and kiss my husband’s tombstone before slipping into the shadows.


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    At first, I was like, this is so serene and lovely. Then I got to the end and I was like ‘She got me!’ Well written (and spoken).

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      Haha I love creating a feeling, atmosphere, idea, or impression and being able to pull off a twist in such a short space.

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        And you’re brilliant at this skill!

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      I’m not entirely sure if this is along the lines you meant, I read it almost as the opposite, but in this case, the loss was so great that every moment that he has been gone is acutely felt by the protagonist.

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