October 2017

Take Time to Celebrate

“Every writer has an editor who tries to strangle the writer before he ever gets started.” Craig Johnson, the author of the Longmire series and a Wyoming resident, said this at a talk I attended. I scribbled it down in my notebook, because it resonated with me. I find it’s nice to have another author confirm […]

Sharing in the Joy


I had the pleasure of celebrating with some local authors today. It is inspiring and moving to watch authors fulfill their dream of having their work appear in print, and I thought I would share their accomplishments with all of you.


In this installment of “Words to Write By,” I’ll review who’s vs. whose, whet vs. wet, compliment vs. complement, and fazed vs. phased. This series is a quick reference to help explain the difference between commonly misused words. I’ve received suggestions from other writers and readers on words they’ve seen misused during the first two parts […]

For the Love of Writing

I often write about how to get through different writing obstacles by sharing my own struggles. I give writing tips, because I love helping other people, and one of the best ways to learn and remember something, is by teaching it to someone else. As an unintentional downside to sharing my problems, I don’t always […]

Worry About It Later


I have this special gift. If there’s an obstacle to writing, I will find it, give it a name, and then trip on it and fall on my face. It comes naturally, I don’t have to work at it. The obstacle that gave me the most trouble this summer is something I’m now calling editing […]