Out Now — Short Story “Be Here with Me”

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A quick note to let you know my short story “Be Here with Me” that originally came out in Down in the Dirt Magazine V146 has been added to a collection book titled Random Thoughts, available here. A year ago today I received the acceptance for this story. It first became available online, came out in print in June, and here it is in another book to help mark the one-year anniversary!

Happy Friday!


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    Congrats Mandie!

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        You’re utmost welcome. 🙂

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    Happy Anniversary. It’s nice to see it go from online to hardcopy print. Congrats.

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      Thank you! The great thing is that I didn’t have to do any extra work with this piece. The publication I sent it to does a great job of making it accessible in multiple formats, and puts together these collection books. I just get to sit back and enjoy it reappearing.

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