Being an Active Writer

Check out my guest post at Writing Wyoming about the importance of actively participating in a writing community.


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      Oh, I miss our chats, Aka! I’m hoping things will settle down soon, and I can get back into reading blogs! Hope you’re doing well!!

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    Great advice, Mandie, and I agree. I haven’t been active in any writing community over the last couple of months and it’s had a negative impact on my writing. Being part of a community keeps you focused and reminds you you’re not the only one struggling with writing.

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      I think I grow faster as a writer as a result of the amount of encouragement too. When I’m feeling defeated about something, not only do they know the feeling because they’ve been there before, but they can see my writing without all the doubt that clouds my vision. And they usually have practical tips on how to break through a rough patch.
      Plus, when other writers talk about their passion for writing, it’s contagious, and I walk away feeling excited and ready to write.

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      It was nice to share some ideas with another audience. Thank you for the opportunity!

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    I didn’t know I had some catching up to do with your blog and I blame my reader. I have to stop depending on it. Anyways, I just read the post and great advice! I need to get serious with my writing.

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