August 2017

Purpose of a Writing Prompt

I have an interesting relationship with writing prompts. It was a writing prompt in the second grade that made me fall in love with writing. We were given a person, place, and thing that we had to use in our stories. From there, we could write anything we wanted. Afterward, we shared the stories we’d […]

Author Websites: Static vs. Dynamic

I have been asked a few questions from local writers about creating an author website, and since I like to write about topics that are a part of my writing life, I thought I’d share some information that I considered when creating my own website. This post will give a general and easy to understand […]

Poem: Promises


Sometimes, the words on your heart make their way to your lips in a dancing whisper. My ears tell my heart to be happy and to sing, but my mind warns me to be cautious. When your words shatter and fall to the floor as broken fairy wings, my mind tries to soothe my heart […]