August 2017

Finishing Your Novel -- Book Recommendation


  I recently read “Finish the Damn Book!: An Inspirational Guide to Writing” by Martin McConnell, and his inspiring words came at a time when I needed to hear them the most. I’ve been taking on a lot of writing-related projects this summer. They’ve made me stretch beyond my comfort level, and helped me grow […]


Welcome to the second part of “Words to Write By.” You can find the first installment of this series here. In the first “Words to Write By,” I reviewed peak vs. peek vs. pique, further vs. farther, blonde vs. blond, and gray vs. grey. Since then, I’ve been making a list of commonly misused words. […]

Purpose of a Writing Prompt

I have an interesting relationship with writing prompts. It was a writing prompt in the second grade that made me fall in love with writing. We were given a person, place, and thing that we had to use in our stories. From there, we could write anything we wanted. Afterward, we shared the stories we’d […]

Author Websites: Static vs. Dynamic

I have been asked a few questions from local writers about creating an author website, and since I like to write about topics that are a part of my writing life, I thought I’d share some information that I considered when creating my own website. This post will give a general and easy to understand […]