Poem: Drifting


Maybe tomorrow we can talk about the stars,
and how they slipped from my fingers
when I traced my hand across the sky.
We’ll measure the distance between
Jupitar and Mars,
determining how far it is between
my heart and yours.

We’ll fill a cup with the nebulous reasons
the stars are falling from the sky,
package them in rainbows, and
shuttle them to another galaxy.
Maybe life on another planet will
reassemble my heart before it turns
into a supernova.

Maybe you won’t see it from where
you are, the dust particles blocking your view.
It may be your attention will be too focused
on a new star formation to notice.

Perhaps we’ll drift and one day meet
at the Great Attractor.
Or, if I’m lucky, I’ll be swallowed
by a black hole.


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      Thank you, Rachael. At some point, I’ll post more horror, but until then I’m glad you enjoyed this piece. 🙂

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    I especially enjoyed how your verbs and adjectives are all space themed. I must confess the last sentence did confuse me. Sorry, to be a little dense at times. Overall a wonderful piece.

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      Thank you, Christy. And no worries about getting hung up on the last line. Perhaps it would clear up the confusion to know (without trying to ruin it by giving my exact meaning) that sometimes when a piece I write commingles anger and sadness it takes on a dark, sarcastic tone.
      Thank you as always for reading and taking the time to comment. It means the world to me!

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    The references to space and time! Well written! Wonderful piece, Mandie.

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        You’re utmost welcome, Mandie.

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