June 2017

Confessions of a Writer

Whether I’d admit it or not, it takes a certain amount of confidence to be a writer. Whether that confidence is in the form of believing in your ability to write, the story you have inside, the ease with which you write, or the desire to write there’s something for every writer that pushes them […]

Poem: Inkwell


Lines trail out my veins, along my skin and down my arms, razor-sharp across my wrists pooling, spooling in my hands. I pluck the line, wrap it gently into words, swooping them across the page exposing on paper what my lips wouldn’t dare whisper to my own heart. Blood-soaked thread looped to form expressions of […]

Poem: The Things I Regret Forgetting


I recorded “The Things I Regret Forgetting” just a month after starting this website with the intent of sharing it here. On a whim, before posting it, I submitted it to a literary magazine, and they accepted it. It appeared in The Scarlet Leaf Review last December. I recently read this piece during the Open Mic at the Wyoming […]