February 2017

Editing Your Novel - Book Recommendation


Getting your work published can be a tricky and daunting experience. One of the most important elements to getting published is to submit a clean manuscript with as few errors as possible. As an amateur writer; however, there are more rules to breaking into the published world than there are for established writers. Knowing what […]


When I weep, granules of sand roll down my cheeks instead of tears. Within my internal desert, once filled with starlight and birdsong, I cry over loves snatched by death, while sand piles up at my feet, and I feel myself sinking among the arid desolation, cactus spines, and carcasses.   Now it’s your turn. […]

Announcement & Perseverance

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I planned to share a flash fiction piece this week; however, I received some exciting news that I really can’t wait to share with all of you, and out of it there’s also a topic I thought I’d touch on. First of all, the news. My novelette, “Alger’s Dimension” has been accepted by Disturbed Digest. […]

Why Writers Write

Last week’s post on the Dangers of Comparing Yourself to Other Writers made me ponder more on why writers write. I came up with a few reasons people are drawn to write in that post, and I’ve added a few: ·         passion – the inner drive that longs for putting words into print ·         to […]