November 2016

Don't Stand in Your Own Way

Today’s tip is simple and can be applied to any creative endeavor, but first let’s identify the problem. As a creative person, the biggest obstacles you’ll have to overcome are those you throw in your own path. Let me provide a quick list of excuses I have said, and that I’ve heard from other creative people: […]


Today, I have something different to share with you. It is a piece about my personal struggle with death. Over a decade ago, I lost three grandparents in under two-and-a-half years. I didn’t have time to cope with the loss of one, before I lost another, and each death was like losing the ones who […]

Duotrope - Submission Tool for Literary Magazines

Searching for the right publication to submit your work can be a daunting task. There are thousands of literary magazines, more are popping up every day, and several are going under at any given time. So how do you keep up? Where do you look? Duotrope is an online database of markets for poetry, fiction, […]