Inspiring Tomorrow’s Authors

This week, I’ve been given a special task. I get to speak to a 3rd grade class about writing. And there’s a reason this is important to me.

My first memory of writing stories and feeling the joy of creating fiction came in elementary school, 2nd grade to be precise. Although I began story telling at a much younger age, this was when I first put the words down on paper. I remember declaring that I wanted to be an author when I grew up.

To think that I might be able to ignite the passion for writing in someone so young is such an awesome opportunity. When I speak to these kids, and they see the excitement I have for writing, I hope that resonates with some of them and opens up endless possibilities.

The world needs more readers, and it needs more writers. Everyone has an individual set of experiences that they’ve had the benefit of enjoying, or the burden of carrying, and no one else can tell the stories that they have locked inside.

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